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A little about me

I am a Computer Science graduate, and my main area of expertise is software development. Having been programming since 1998, I have had the chance to work with various programming languages and technologies. I am a self-taught Android developer, and have been developing apps and games (and a game engine called Artenus) since 2012. Currently I work as a software developer in the German AdTech company Active Agent AG.

Beside programming, I am also passionate about writing, and that is what I retreat to whenever I get bored.


Latest: Day 25: Sprite as an Entity

By now we have the foundation we need to implement our entity-based framework. Today we are going to go through an example of how we can adapt our previous logic to this system. We begin with sprites not only because they constitute one of the key components of Artenus, but also because they are entities that have most of the behaviors we discussed on day 24. What we do today is then basically defining Sprite as a combination of these behaviors rather than a simple object.

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